Reviving our Vintage Telescope

One of the perks of being in Astro Club is that you have access to its instruments and library. The club hosts several telescopes including a 3-inch vintage EQ Refractor Telescope. The telescope was used several times for various observations and therefore went to a quite deal of operations. Since, it didn't go through periodical check-ups, the telescope suffered with rust and mold. This is where our part began. Me, along with my colleagues, took the initiative of reviving our vintage telescope.

Me, Soham Kulkarni, Shubham Suryanvanshi, Sanskar Vashishta, Anugrah Joshi started with the mission and later on, we were joined by Pranav Limaye, Tirna Ghosh, Bhavana Sitaphale and Gargi Chaukshey.

We started with the cleaning of whole setup which was proceeded further with the removal of primary and secondary lens housings from the telescope tube. After removing the housing we covered the tube in order to prevent the dust build-up inside the tube.

The next step was to clean the lenses. We first unscrewed the lens from the lens housing and then using an optical cleaning kit, me and Soham carefully cleaned them and stored them in a clean air-tight container in order to keep them away from dust.

Me, Soham and Shubham also opened the covers of gears and cogwheels of the telescope's equatorial mount and lubricated it for seamless motion.

Now, the time was to assemble everything back and test the assembly. We put the housing back to it's place and carried the telescope in the ground for test run.

And the result was amazing. It worked better than our expectations. The focal length of our telescope is 874 mm and we used 10 mm eyepiece lens giving us 87.4x magnification. During the time of our observation, Moon was in half shade phase.

Now, the final part was to paint the telescope. I, along with Soham, again dismantled the telescope completely and painted with blue and black colour. And here's our revived telescope! A truly amazing experience.