My Experience at Astro Club’s Poster Exhibition

Astro Club’s calendar is always the host of a plentiful of exiting and educational activities out of which the Poster Exhibition is one of the biggest and renowned events in Ferguson College. Each year a number of posters are presented comprising every aspect of the given theme which turns out to be a beautiful kaleidoscope of science for novice while a great summary to revise the knowledge for an expert.

Preparation For Exhibition-

Poster Exhibition 2k18 was decided to be based on the Cosmos theme featuring the origin and growth of the universe, stellar nurseries, solar system, black holes along with other subordinate topics such as fundamental laws, concept of relativity etc. added for better understanding.

We, FY students, were let free to choose one topic from the bunch of exciting topics and then divided into groups mentored by seniors. Although the major work was done by seniors, we were supposed help them, discuss the topics for posters and ponder the subject thoroughly.

Seniors were to test us from time to time and clear our doubts too. This exhibition proved to be a great opportunity for us to pursue topics beyond the regular curriculum.

The best and the most fun part of this exhibition affair was going out for publicity in other colleges. We were distributed in groups of two and each group was assigned to one college where we were to go and scour the campus telling students about exhibition and inviting them. It was quite a memorable event as we took a ton of pictures of us working to show our seniors as proof!!

Day of exhibition-

5th & 6th Sept.: We were gathered early in the morning, at lower recreation hall, arranging posters and decorating. Everybody’s faces were beaming with excitement and exhibiting immense satisfaction of work.

Subsequently chief guest and principal arrived, had a look over and admired the exhibition. For the next two days all the volunteers were busy in explaining complex physics concepts and demonstrations to visitors. That was actually the most crucial part as the age of visitors varied from 7yrs to 65yrs. Every time we had to judge the visitor and explain the same concept in the way easiest to him.

Over two days, we entertained nearly 900 visitors in exhibition. Sure, this exhibition is one of the best events I have ever been a part of!