How a summer school helped me to find my lost journey!

Lost in the dark

And A person fond of light, I am.

Seeking for the spark that lost.

My second year end semester exams had been bad the way I attempted them really made me feel as if I was good for nothing. I had lost my confidence badly. All my dreams of doing something not usual seemed to be shattered. I always had a specific interest in biology and so wanted to do something related to biophysics but had lack of exposure and guidance. And seeing my performance I lost hopes.

When I was thinking of all this I got a whats app notification it was one of my closest friends text “Oyee, ye dekh” with a link attached to it, I checked it in zero minutes and saw that Christ University with Bionivid Technology had arranged a summer school in genomics. The course content was pretty interesting I got a bit excited and thought that I should go, and then I checked the course fee it was 11,000 Rs and that too excluding hostel and mess charges it was too much for me belonging to a middle class family to afford. Still I wanted to go as I thought of talking to my dad and so did I and surprisingly he without asking me any questions said yes you should go. I then applied for the course.

And the journey started! I reached the university a day before. I took accommodation in the hostel itself and the hostel was literally so awesome it felt like home! It was really surprising for me that I was the youngest among everyone, now it was a challenge for me to grasp with them especially when everyone belonged to biology background and, I accepted it. And attended the first day we started with an introduction to Linux I didn’t had any previous experience to it but they started from basics and hence it went well.

The course basically was like a crash course to genomics data analysis. It was really fascinating for me to study so big yet so small, genome! And that moment when two dairy milk chocolates were given to me as a token of appreciation helped me to bring back my lost confidence. I learned how to sequence the whole genome and perform its data analysis. I performed human exome sequencing and found out mutation in a gene which was responsible for the cause of breast cancer i.e. BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 genes, also performed whole genome sequencing of Oriza sativa and found out a mutation in a gene which was responsible for its salt resistant property i.e. MYB gene. I didn’t even realize when these 11 days got over.

This summer school was special because it helped me to find the lost spark. This course gave me a proof that if you truly love doing something you don’t need any kind of motivation to do it. A lot of things happened I fell ill, I lost my wallet in a city where I have never been before and the most horrible incident I had to deal with really creepy bugs crawling on the window as well as my bed and that too late night. This all together formed best life lessons. And most importantly I could finally find some path to walk on. So I would really say that sometimes its fine to take the risk and invest, crucially when your heart says it. Go for such opportunities, make best out of it maybe you find your lost journey as I did!