Astro Club

To Fuel The Ever Curious Mind, We Welcome You To Transcend Through.

Department of Physics,
Fergusson College (Autonomous),
Pune - 411004, India.

Who We Are

We are a bunch of enthusiastic kids who find the starry heavens fascinating,

and everything under it too!

Through a variety of academic activities, Astro Club inspires its members to adopt important values such as self-confidence, leadership, empathy and ambition, and to always strive to aid each other in the quest for knowledge, self-improvement and over-all growth of the society.

What We Do

We're here to help each other out, we are a group of people that encourages scientific inquiry and tries to achieve a higher level of understanding.

People exchange ideas that they find interesting and observe, test and analyze things together. The seniors help the junior members to learn and grow from their own experiences. We share a close-knit bond that often becomes an everlasting friendship. All events are student organized. The best part - there is no registration!


The Astro Club welcomes anyone to be a part of us, as long as he or she shares our passion for Physics and wants to be a contributing member of our community. Pay us a visit at our humble little abode in the Physics Department,

Room Under The Stairs!


a universe of atoms,

an atom in the


- Richard Feynman.